“Selective Edutech Consultants” was established to specifically provide teaching professionals and support staff to secondary schools, colleges and professional educational institutions in India and Abroad.
Our vision is to let the concept of unemployment of teachers and principals be a by-gone and to decrease the huge gaps between schools seeking teachers / principals and teachers / principals seeking employment. We also want to encourage the teachers / principals community to express their views regarding the general problems in teaching and the challenges that they face during recruitment or any other issues for that matter.
All leading educational institutions need the services of a good teachers / principals recruitment agency to get quality teachers and principals. At "Selective", we are providing assistance to educational institutions for their needs in Educational Recruitment. Getting a proper Education Recruitment agency often poses a problem. We will give you the options of recruiting some of the best talents as teachers in your schools. It often happens that schools look for good teachers, but the Recruitment in Education is a tough challenge as most of the candidates that are available abundantly do not meet the standards as desired. We are offering the global services for our customers.

SELECTIVE solution sets itself apart from other recruitment agencies in the following three ways-

  1. Expertise
  2. Efficiency
  3. Experience


  • Each and every step of screening and interviews is done by senior competent professionals.
  • The expectations and the profile of the potential candidates are very closely scrutinized.
  • Special efforts are directed towards identifying and matching managerial abilities and technical skills. Also, we probe personality attributes which encompass inter-personal competence, emotional maturity, aspirations and communication skills.
  • The experience of our group extends from recruitment to organizational development studies for national & international organizations.
  • Apply for Various Middle / Senior Level positions in most reputed Colleges / Universities on all India Basis.
  • After the interview process is completed and the client decides on the offers, “Selective Edutech” undertakes the tasks of reference / academic checks on paid basis.


Selective in Educational Recruitment Services for a considerably long period. Being in the Education Sector for a long time, we have had the opportunity to earn rich experiences in this field. We have been working closely with a large number of Educational Sector. We have made a mark with a personalized approach to each of the schools as our clients. This unique approach of ours has made us a reliable agency for many schools in our country.


Quality in the complete System of placements division has been always the priority at "Selective". Right from the beginning in every process and every operation of the organisation there has never been any room for compromise on quality. This helps us to provide an efficient and effective service to our esteemed Accounts at DelhiNCR.

Some of our distinctive features is-

  1. All procedures being properly laid out and documented in a Quality Policy Manual.
  2. Thorough understanding of clients requirements before starting processing.
  3. Unique and fast processing techniques, with stress on quality screening of candidates so that our client gets nothing, but the best for all levels & categories.
  4. A team of experienced and competent HR professionals. Double checking of all resumes / candidates being sent to our clients by the top management.


“Selective” offers professional recruitment services for hiring teachers, acquiring executive faculty (principals / teachers and school administration, university faculty), and recruitment consulting (government recruitment initiatives, planning and HR for private Schools).
Recruitment at Selective is unique instead of focusing on the teacher’s qualifications alone, the recruitment process is also equally focused on screening School and education instituition.

Recruitment methods at Selective include the following key features-

  • Finding the perfect school for each candidate through careful screening of schools and teachers.
  • Access to the largest variety of teaching jobs.
  • Recruitment support through the entire process: application, placement, returning home.
"Selective" recognizes that happy teachers generally equates to high quality instruction. Therefore "Selective" solution strives to engender meaningful, lasting relationships between teachers and educational institution to make the teaching experience a positive one.