“Selective Edutech Consultants” is one stop solution to all your educational needs as our core activity is to assist you to pursue your education. We provide expert career counselling guidance and assistance for admissions in Under Graduate/Postgraduate Programme. The primary purpose of our education guidance programme at “Selective Edutech Consultants” is to understand and explore the career requirement of students who are looking for higher studies in India or Abroad. Thus providing professional assistance and helping students organize their thoughts and ideas about career choices and professional goals. With our Guidance and Counselling, Students are able to find best indian and international universities, colleges and courses, which leads to employability.


SELECTIVE EDUTECH CONSULTANTS PVT LTD is India's leading educational consultancy specializing in abroad higher education, there by assisting in getting a wide range of globally recognized courses which helps in getting professional educations. Since its founding in 1984, we have continued to expand our network with head office in Delhi and Associates all over India. We offer free counselling to students aspiring to study professional course like MBBS, MD/MS, BDS, MDS, and many more. We specialize in providing admission guidance regarding higher education in various countries such as U.K, USA, China, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, and Ukraine & Other countries and has a Professional Network over the education system worldwide.

We are the official representative of different universities of abroad. We offers unique services under one roof that comprises of career guidance / counselling, passport assistance, bank loan assistance, visa guidance, ticketing, lodging and boarding etc. In the 21st century, where knowledge based economy is the driver in the global community, education has become even more critical in shaping the future. Education abroad gives an opportunity to the students to meet people from different places, get exposed to completely new lifestyle and gain a lifetime experience. We consult and guide students in the best possible way we can, because we know what they want, when they want and how they want. With all the experience we have in this field, we are with them all through the way till they are satisfied.



Expert counselling assistance admission education guidance has an expert from education field to assist you best in their field. Sure Admission Assistance, Admission Education Guidance provides surety for admission assistance in various sectors. Perfect college search according to your dream and desire, admission education guidance helps you in searching your best education college. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. At last but not the least Admission Education Guidance has stronger thirst for 100% satisfaction for our customers.


Indian / NRI students are talented, hard-working and full of good ideas. We encourage and empower them to bring their ideas to life. Hands-on opportunities are what we're all about.

  • Malleable Study Time

    Get Preferred College and Branch

    Most students go by the job prospects of the field while making this decision, interest and aptitude.

  • Placement Assistance

    Easy Simple and Short Process

    The admissions process at education guidance is very simple and only requires submitting the documents.

  • Easy To Access

    Get Admission in reputed College/University in India.

  • Study on the Go

    100 % Admission Assistance

    India's leading and professional admission consultancy since 1984.


  • Admission counselling is the first and most important step leading to a proper gateway to career counselling.
  • Access counselors have the latest information about the admission criteria, admission acceptance rates, admission committee expectations and merit scale of almost all prominent schools, colleges and universities.
  • University selection is the most vital step in the whole procedures to start with.
  • Success to top USA universities, top UK, Europe and Asia-Pacific universities depends on the right picks of the universities.
  • Parents and students lack specialized knowledge about the options available.
  • An Access expert can easily recognize, define and quantify individual student strengths, needs, chances and interests and match it to the top universities which will address these most competently and where he has the maximum chances of admission.
  • Expert counselors are bale to prescribe a healthy mix of 'aspirational' schools where the student can hope to gain admission and 'safe' schools where he has appreciable higher chances of acceptance and substantial scholarship support.
  • The long, challenging and often stressful process of admission is hard on students. A counselor steps into the role of a friend, guide and encourager when the going seems tough. Well-timed and sound advice often spells the difference between gaining the goal or quitting for a student. Survival stories, time management tips, practical strategies, inspiring examples, insightful anecdotes and words of encouragement are the extra arsenal which counselors often employ to firefight the slow burn out of the waiting process.
  • The final preparation of student admission essays, resume's, scholarship and fee waiver requests, etc. require expert advice and guidance, which parents and the students urgently require.


Have you decided on studying abroad? You’ve made the right choice. An education abroad can change your life and transform your career for the better.

At an early stage, you are bound to be confused about your study options abroad. We know how difficult a decision this is, which is why we’ve combined our technological and face-to-face resources to help you make the right choice.

We understand how difficult it can be for students to make sense of the entire overseas education process in a short time, without much support. This is why we’ve put together a team of advisors across major cities in India to assist you along every stage of your study abroad journey.

Besides reaching us online, which the majority of our students have already done and still do, you can walk-in to our offices if you wish to meet your assigned counselor and have a more detailed conversation about your education.

At no stage in your study abroad journey should you feel uninformed about where you are, so to help you keep track of your progress, we’ve provided you with user activity monitoring tools. This interactive technology allows you to monitor your entire admission process.



“Selective Edutech Consultants” is pioneer in providing admission guidance and career counselling to NRI students. We provide expert career counselling guidance and assistance for admissions in Under Graduate/Postgraduate Programmed. Our education guidance programs explore the career requirement of NRI students who are looking for higher studies in India. Thus providing professional assistance and helping students organize their thoughts and ideas about career choices and professional goals. With our guidance and counselling, students are able to find best Indian universities & colleges for Medicine, Engineering, Management and other professional courses, which leads to employability.


India is the perfect hub for the students who dream of quality education.

Reputed Universities/Colleges in India

The Indian universities provide world-class education to students in a wide range of.

Education costs in India

Among the top 15 countries, India is the least expensive country for foreign students. The cost of living.

Scholarships to study in India

The Indian government offers a wide range of scholarships to foreign students every year. These scholarships.

India Admissions Process

You can register with Selective in order to get help with the admissions process.

Mentioned below is the list of documents required to study in India-

  • Passport with 6 month validity.
  • Passport size photographs.
  • Photo copy of passport.
  • Proof of residential address.
  • Copy of online filled form.
  • University admission letter.
  • University details
  • Pass certificate of qualifying exams.


  • College and University Selection
  • Admissions Strategies
  • Drafting And Polishing Personal Statements And Essay
  • Interview Preparation
  • Evaluating Admissions Options
  • Pre Admissions Consulting


Some of our other consulting services include-

  • Advice on the SAT/ACT.
  • Evaluation of the majors offered at different colleges and universities.
  • Information on extracurricular activities and part-time jobs.
  • Tips on how to succeed in college.
  • Guidance on obtaining good letters of reference.


The college application process can be extremely stressful. Many clients have told us that we helped them enormously just by being there to answer quick questions or to give them ideas for essays. Otherwise, they said, they would have just spun their wheels, or worried. While we view ourselves as admissions consultants who help our clients maximize their chances of getting accepted into their top-choice programs, we do acknowledge that stress relief is a valuable by product for many of our clients.

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